Sophia Temple is a sacred space for Spiritual Seekers
(like you) who know that fully embodying the
earthly experience opens the door to a
deeper, richer Spiritual Connection!!

Inside the Sophia Temple:

Harmonize Your Earthly Experience & Your Spiritual Life

Deepening your Spiritual Connection takes being in your body! Many of us have left our physical bodies out of the equation…who needs a stinking body, anyway, I have Spirit.

Flow With The Natural Rhythms of Life

Having a working knowledge of the passage of Grandmother Moon through the astrological signs
and the rhythms of Mother Earth go a long way to
explain ‘why you do what you do’ and empower you
to respond to life rather than react then life begins
to flow so you can enjoy the ride.

Participate In Sacred Circles

As you participate in Dark Moon and Full Moon virtual Circles, live or by replay, you fulfill your desire to be of service to all of humankind as the spiritual energy flows out past our Circle to encompass the entire Earth.

There is magical, mystical alchemy at work!

The Sophia Temple ~ NOT Another Membership Site

I heard you loud and clear that you aren’t interested in another membership site packed to the gills with very important stuff…that you couldn’t possibly get to if you lived another 100 years (or that’s the way it seems)! 

 Sophia Temple is a year-long mentorship … a Journey through the Dark Moons, Full Moons and the rhythm of Mother Earth throughout the year. 

Temple Circles are like mini-retreats to recenter and refocus on what is important to you. 

The Temple serves as a practice space for living 

Sacred Life Mastery. Once you know how life works,

it all makes sense! 

 Plus, the Temple is a community of like-minded Souls

who desire, like you, to live and love life to the 

fullest while being both grounded and 

fully connected to their Soul and Source energy! 

 Welcome to your sacred space!

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